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Administrator: Chris Whalen

additional information:
Feel free to challenge folks and enter in data, but we won't really be "enforcing" any solid ladder rules until we can get some more folks signed up. Eventually we'll probably use something like these rules (largely stolen from BTA):

  • Challengers should propose 3 different times to play in a 10-day period (i.e., Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., Saturday at 9:00 am, Sunday at 1:00 p.m., etc.). Players should accept one of these times or respond with 3 other times within the same 10-day period (see exception below). If the challengee does offer three times, but none are acceptable to the challenger, then the challengee's ladder status remains the same, and the challenger must play someone else.
  • If challenged, players must accept at least once in a 10-day period regardless of the number of challenges they initiate themselves. Accepting more than one challenge in a 10-day period is at the discretion of the players.
  • Both players/teams should arrive on time at the chosen site. Each side must provide a new can of balls with the winner receiving the unused can. Matches are the best 2 out of 3 sets and tied scores at 6-6 will be broken using a 12-point tiebreaker, played according to USTA rules (first to a score of 7 by a margin of 2 points
  • Scores must be reported by the winner. The preferred method is to report the scores directly on If a player doesn't have Internet access, they may email the Ladder Coordinator. For accuracy, the player should report the set scores, time and date of the match.

  • Disputes:
    Any concerns should be reported first to Chris. The player(s) will be notified of the decision. If the player(s) is still not satisfied that a fair decision has been made, they should probably do something they find relaxing and not take this so seriously...We're all just doing this for fun for crying out loud.

    If it's within your means, please donate to the site (there's a link on the login page). The site is pretty neat and FREE right now; still, it'd be a nice gesture to reward these folks for their efforts.

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    Thursday, October 05, 2006
    Quinn Campbell 6 6 0
    Chris Whalen 2 0 0