Ranking Systems

Quality-based Ranking System

Please be advised that this system depends on a reasonable amount of match data. A player or doubles team needs to have at least 3 matches logged before an accurate ranking can be calculated.

The Tennis Engine computes player rankings based upon a proprietary algorithm that evaluates every match played for the life of the league or conference. The system is designed to rank each player based upon a combination of performance (derived from match results) and activity (how many matches played and against whom).

When a new match is entered, the Tennis Engine adjusts your ranking based on the following factors:

  1. Current match win or loss
  2. Current match performance (% of games won)
  3. The strength of each of your past opponents
  4. Your overall match winning percentage
  5. Your overall game winning percentage

Furthermore, the ranking of every player who has played you or your opponent will be affected by the outcome of your match.

Winning or losing a close match with a highly rated player could boost your ranking, whereas a close match with a lower rated player could reduce your ranking. Decisive wins over lower rated players could be less rewarding than close wins over higher rated players. Confused? Simply put... winning matters the most, but after that it's all about whom you play and how close you play them.

Strength Rating

The rankings are based on each player's current Index value (i.e. the third ranked player has the third highest Index). Each player's Index is a combination of his Strength Rating and the number of wins. Each player's Strength Rating is viewable in his player profile.

Your Strength Rating (SR) is the measure of your ability to:

  1. win matches against the field of participants
  2. win a high percentage of games in all matches
  3. perform well against higher rated players

Your Strength Rating will improve with more matches won and a better percentage of games won. The strength (SR) of the opponents you play is also factored into the calculation (Each player's SR is located inside his profile along with other information).

Your SR will fluctuate as other participants compete. It might rise as players whom you have defeated accumulate wins over other players. Inversely, your SR might dip if players who have beaten you suffer losses.

The online league is updated every time a match is entered. Any method and combination of scoring can be used.


Margin of victory, opponent strength, and wins and losses are factored just as in singles - plus the Strength Rating (SR) of your chosen partner. A win or close loss with a weak partner will help build a healthy Strength Rating.

Ranking Systems

Quality System

20-Point "Leap-Frog" System

9-Point "Leap-Frog" System

15-Point Accrual System

9-Point Accrual System

Pyramid System