Ranking Systems

9-Point Accrual League System

  • Intended for 8 game proset scoring.
  • The winner of the match receives 9 points regardless of previous ranking.
  • The loser receives 1 point for each game they win in the proset.
  • If a player defaults, his opponent will receive 6 points instead of the 9 points awarded for a conventional win. The defaulting player receives 0 points.
  • A tiebreaker must be used if tied at 8-8.

If a match ends 8-5, the winner receives 9 points, the loser receives 5.

This scoring system is great for leagues that schedule matches and allow players a chance to play all other players in the league.

As a voluntary challenge ladder, players who play a lot will likely accumulate many points. In this regard it is not particularly accurate in determining talent but may be a great motivator for encouraging participation.

The online league is updated every time a match is entered.

Not currently available for Doubles

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