The Tennis Engine is an internet-based ladder system for tennis clubs and organizations or any group of tennis enthusiasts. Any club in the world that has web access can set up a league!

Similar to a traditional tennis ladder, the league is ongoing and matches are set up and played by league members at their convenience.

Access to the internet is required only for the League Administrator (usually a club pro or manager). A password-protected area allows the League Administrator to set up new leagues, edit league stats, add new players, enter matches, and distribute league-wide email.

Players are not required to have internet access, but those who do will enjoy some great features. Any player can go online to enter match results or get an update on other matches played. Since the rankings are continually updated, players get instant feedback on how the latest matches have affected the rankings! Players may also strategize online over player profiles, stats, and match histories.

TennisEngine.com is the coolest, most immediate way for clubs to embrace a sense of community and keep the courts active!

Ranking Systems

Quality System

20-Point "Leap-Frog" System

9-Point "Leap-Frog" System

15-Point Accrual System

9-Point Accrual System

Pyramid System