Starting a New League

As League Administrator, you are responsible for making decisions about your league and for maintaining the league on the web site. Detailed below are the choices the Administrator makes to set up a league.

  1. Enter your club's information and personal contact information.

Club information is the affiliation with a tennis club or some other organization. If there is no formal tie to an official group, then a name should be created to distinguish the group from others. The club name is particularly helpful when a group sets up multiple leagues.

Enter a first and last name, a phone number, and an e-mail address.

  1. Choose an admin login and password.

The admin login and password are extremely important and should remain private. The bearer of the admin login and password can add, edit, or delete players and matches within the league.

  1. Name the league.

The league name can be as basic as "Men's 4.5" or as obscure as "Band of Banshees". This name is used in conjunction with the group name to form a unique identifier. If the league is expected to be one of multiple leagues within an organization, it would be helpful if the league name were descriptive (as in the case of "Men's 4.5").

  1. Declare any player restrictions and whether the league is singles or doubles.

A league could be set up for players who are of a particular skill level, age group, etc. The Administrator is responsible for enforcing these restrictions.

In order to preserve the friendly spirit of tennis competition, does not allow league restrictions to be made related to race, religion, or national origin.

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